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Plans for Spending Christmas in Valencia

If, as the song says, Valencia is the city of music, light and colour, at Christmas it won’t be anything less, and if you spend the holidays in Valencia, you should know that you have thousands of options available, depending on your preferences. Music, markets, ice skating rinks…this city combines the attractions of a big city with the charm of a traditional town.

Shopping with a Christmas flavour

Christmas markets are a classic in Valencia. There are several markets from which to choose from, where you can stroll around and enjoy Christmas in its maximum splendour. One of the most typical markets is the Handicrafts Market which is located in Plaza de la Reina. It is a market with 27 stalls of local handicrafts, with views to the Miguelete, which you can enjoy from 25 November to 8 January.

One of the most traditional Christmas markets is located on the streets close to the Central Market, specifically on Barón de Cárcer, better known as the Avenida del Oeste. In this place, we can find more than 300 stalls that have the typical Christmas sweets and decorations. It’s a market where you can find many of your Christmas presents in just one place.

If you visit the city with children, you must visit Colón Market. This market offers handicrafts together with entertainment for children, where the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus will visit. The same happens in the regular market that takes place in the City of Arts and Sciences, where there is also an ice rink where you can skate and all kinds of workshops for the little ones. Also, in Cabanyal, a market is held at the beginning of January, especially for the Epiphany.

The best nativity scenes

If you are looking for something that is typical of Christmas, there is nothing better than enjoying the nativity scenes that are set up in Valencia during the Christmas holidays. You can take a break for a while from the Christmas hustle and bustle, crowds and shopping and transport yourself to a world of peace, which is what the nativity scenes offers. The best nativity scenes in the city can be admired on a tour of the nativity scenes in Valencia, an activity which is perfect for all the family.

One of the most famous nativity scenes to visit in Valencia is the one that is set up in the same Cathedral, a representation that always has surprises like collaborations with famous artists. Another classic nativity scene is located in the exposition hall of the Basílica de San Vicente, a traditional visit for many who never miss a year.

On your tour of nativity scenes, you can also visit the nativity scenes made from different fallas, paper-maché structures. In a city like Valencia, you can’t miss this fusion of art and Christmas, where you can admire the Christmas representations of fallas like Na Jordana or the falla of La Merced, usually exhibiting their nativity scenes to the delight of the public who want to go to visit them.

Another mandatory visit on your tour to experience the nativity scenes in Valencia is in the Galería Jorge Juan, where each year a nativity scene is set up with free entry to admire this work. Representations are also set up in La Casa de La Caridad, or in the Sala Lametro in Colón metro station.

Christmas in Valencia for young children

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy for everyone, but if anyone can live and enjoy it fully, without doubt it’s children. The magic of Christmas is mostly experienced through the innocence of young children and that’s why we’d like to suggest some activities that you can do with them.

One of the mandatory visits during the Christmas vacations for families is the Expojove. Located in the Valencia Fair, it has a number of theatre, science, entertainment and music activities that are held in this venue, where you can spend a day with fun guaranteed.

During Christmas, circuses are held in Valencia, which children can enjoy. Each year several circuses come to the city where the children can enjoy all the circus stars.

The ice skating rinks are also an attraction for children. In the Plaza del Ayuntamiento or in the City of Arts and Sciences, you can spend a unique afternoon with the children, skating on the ice.

Also, the Cabalgata de Reyes, the Epiphany procession, is a mandatory event for young children. Children wait all year to see the wise men that represent the children’s excitement, and also that of the adults.

Music and theatre

Many shows come to Valencia during this season, both for children and for adults, so you can enjoy the best premieres and musicals. There are classics like the Christmas and new year concert that is held each year in the Palau de la Música, or events that are held in theatre and concert halls each year, especially for Christmas. Thousands of works premiere and artists come to play in the city to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

And if that wasn’t enough, the parties on New Year’s Eve in Valencia are full of lights, fireworks and colours to ring in the New Year. You have many options for enjoying the arrival of the new year. Gala dinners and large parties will really impress you. In the Plaza del Ayuntamiento or in the City of Arts and Sciences, parties are held to ring in the new year, with DJs, tents and unforgettable celebrations.

Valencia lights up once again to celebrate Christmas. There isn’t another city that knows how to combine the celebrations with noise and colour like the Valencian capital. On these exciting days, it’s worth it to make plans to celebrate Christmas and take the time to enjoy all that Christmas offers in Valencia.

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