About Us

About us

In Karen Real Estate Consultants we have a world-class team. Our objective is to assist buyers or sellers looking for professional support when taking such an important decision.
We specialize in renting and selling homes, stores and offices, and provide the best properties in the finest areas of Valencia.

At Karen Real Estate Consultants we have a highly qualified team in constant training.

Our team is formed by lawyers, economists and count with the collaboration of several architects.

We speak Spanish, English, Italian, French, Russian and German.

We also offer relocation services, to support families and executives who need assistance when moving to a new city.

Our wide knowledge of languages, allows us to work with foreign non-Spanish speaking customers and making easier for them the completion of formalities required to setting up in their new city.

Are you looking for the house of your dreams? Contact us today and we will find it for you

About us - Karen Inmobiliaria


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